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  • 25% discount until the end of July


    You read that right and I’m sorry if I didn’t put it up here before! There’s still two weeks to go!

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  • Summer 2016 Releases

    summer 2016 releases

    There you have it, this summer we’re getting back in business. Three awesome releases are out soon, and I couldn’t possibly be happier (until the next releases, which, incidentally are also going to be announced in a bit), because they are just SO good. Nukk’s self-titled EP is my personal discovery of the year and […]

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  • June 2016 – Cvlt of Grace has been announced and distro has been updated!

    Cvlt of Grace

    The upcoming mini-album by the Hungarian dark hardcore/sludge Cvlt of Grace is one of the best things you’ll hear in a looong time. The uncomfortable lyrical matters are reflected in the exquisite and brutal music. Those of you familiar with them might be surprised by the severe change of their sound. Slower, heavier, more intricate […]

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