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  • Ravage Ritual – Higher Power, CD out now!


    The most incredibly aggressive hardcore you’ve heard since 90/2000! Ravage Ritual from Finland makes music that is cold, negative and face-breaking. And it can now be streamed and ordered on CD. It will soon be available on vinyl, we’re cooperating with Sell Your Soul Records and Soaked in Torment Records in this release! Buy: STORE […]

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  • Sedno – Eterno | Stream and Preorder


    Quick news: Sedna’s new album Eterno is out in a couple of days and you can stream it at NOISEY. Order here: SEDNA – ETERNO Or on BANDCAMP.

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    exclamation mark

    This requires some seriousness and for those who wait, all updates regarding our releases will come a bit later. You may be familiar with th excellent Polish record label called Zoharum – new experimental art. The owner’s, Maciej Mehring’s, wife has is sick with sarcoma-type cancer. I know the terror this induces, as a close […]

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