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    This requires some seriousness and for those who wait, all updates regarding our releases will come a bit later. You may be familiar with th excellent Polish record label called Zoharum – new experimental art. The owner’s, Maciej Mehring’s, wife has is sick with sarcoma-type cancer. I know the terror this induces, as a close […]

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  • Cvlt of Grace – TEARS out now!

    cvlt of grace

    TEARS by Cvlt of Grace PURCHASE THE CD HERE:

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  • Cvlt of Grace – Tears: Trailer and Preorder

    CVLT OF GRACE PREORDER IS UP: Watch the trailer by Chariot Of Black Moth. The hard-hitting riffs and lyrics of TEARS have been slowly emerging from soil made fertile by their previous efforts: PATH and VISION. And it was worth the wait. The music is excellent, the sound (again masterfully done by Satanic […]

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