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So Slow – 3T [CD]

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So Slow newest incarnation distances itself a bit from their noise-rock roots.
Once again making a rapid turn further into territories of hardcore, electronica, drone, and improvisation.
A lot has changed since their two previous albums – Nomads and Dharavi.
The music now offers more in terms of experimentation, laced with trance-inducing rhythm.

Watch the video for the first track of the album, Tranz I: JJ

3T is a passageway, the entrance to what’s approaching. Each of the three tracks heralds a different direction that is going to be explored further in their future art.

Releases May 15, 2017

“Space is crumbling, no one is safe…”
Genre: improvisation, noise rock, electronic, ambient

Michał Głowacki – vocals, FX, AKAI, Roland 404, synthesizers
Daniel Kryj – guitars, FX, moog, looper
Arek Lerch – drums, FX
Łukasz Lembas – bass, FX

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