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The Throne – Frail Threads [CD]

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Unquiet Records is proud to announce the release of The Throne’s sophomore album.

Following the well-received album “Singularity” from 2015, The Throne will release their second full-length album, “Frail Threads” this March. It will contain 5 songs of the hardcore/d-beat/sludge variety.
Even though it’s less than 30 minutes long, the album will contain the condensed new incarnation of the band’s music, leaving its post-metal/sludge roots to concentrate on the more direct and hardcore sound.
Each track will evoke a different emotion, however all of them have the common aspect of the all-encompassing and all-consuming black melancholy and misery.
Compared to its predecessor, “Frail Threads” is faster and more aggressive, while still maintaining the integrity and heaviness.
Mix and master by Left Hand Sounds

1. Cursed
2. Self Harm
3. Observer
4. Frail Threads
5. V

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