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Viscera/// – 3 | Release Yourself Through Desperate Rituals [CD]

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Viscera/// on bandcamp:

Video for Ubermassive Melancholia, made by Woda i Pustka:

As the name implies, this is the third album by the Italian Viscera///. More intense and more experimental than ever, this magnum-opus will enthrone the V/// as the kings of European post-metal. The bleak and nihilistic themes of the album will not cure your depression, but entice you to revel in it. At times incredibly brutal, yet consistently dark and unsettling.

RELEASE DATE: May 05, 2017
RUNNING TIME: 46:38 minutes
GENRE: Psych Metal
FFO: Godflesh, Paradise Lost, Nasum, Hawkwind, Thou, Rorcal


“I enjoyed Viscera/// on their split with Fleshworld and Gazers, but this album is in another league entirely.
The third album from Viscera/// is an extremely impressive and enjoyable listen. With variety, depth and a comprehensive tour of the extreme metal landscape, this is an album that’ll be ruling my playlists for quite some time to come. An essential listen for fans of underground hostility.”
– Wonderbox Metal
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