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If anything is wrong, or if you cannot complete your purchase, let me know at! I’ll gladly help.

  • Shipping information:

    We ship pretty much everywhere and the Polish postal services are not that expensive. You have two options:

    • Registered priority shipping
    • Standard shipping

    I recommend using the former. It’s safer, faster, and you’ll get a tracking number, which is always useful.
    If you’re short on cash though, you can use the standard shipping. On your own risk. I take no responsibility for what happens to the package on the way if you decide to go with that option.

    No matter what you choose, I take great care to pack everything as sturdily and safely as possible. No physical harm will come to your precious vinyl/CDs.

    Band submissions:

    I receive a lot of submissions, and I like it that way. If you feel that your music fits what I do, go on and send it over.
    We deal with dark hardcore, post-metal, sludge, black metal, dark ambient, experimental stuff. Basically everything unsettling and heavy.
    I cannot promise anything, but at least you’ll make my day and I try to reply to all the emails I get.
    If by any chance I don’t reply, sorry! Don’t take it personally. As I said, I get a lot of demos.

    Even if I really like your stuff, I don’t always have the money or time to do a physical release, be it vinyl or cd. In that case I’d gladly help you with a digial release. Not only Bandcamp of course – I can upload your stuff to various streaming services, like Spotify, iTunes, or whatever.

    Also, any chance to expand the distro is cool. Contact me and I will probably accept your music on consignment if you’re an independent band and already have it on a physical medium.


    If you’re a label and would like to trade or buy Unquiet stuff on a wholesale basis, hit me up at Obviously! I gladly trade with similar-minded labels.


    If you write for a webzine or a printed magazine and would like to receive physical promos of our releases for review, hit me up too!
    I’ll be happy to share stuff with you and help in any way I can.

  • Contact Unquiet Records:


    Mental location: