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Rorcal – Creon [CD]

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The newest album by Rorcal.

Rorcal – Creon, trailer made by Chariot of Black Moth.
Rorcal is a band that has been surprising and completely destroying listeners for a couple of years now. After the drone-sludge-black metal Vilagvege and the purely black metal split with Process of Guilt, it is time for another release. And once again it’s different than the others. This time we get 4 long tracks containing trance-inducing, droning, heavy, noise, but melodic black metal.
Each track tells the story of the death or suffering of different characters, all somehow connected to the titular Creon. Once again perfectly told through the furious vocals of Yonni (also known from Kehlvin).

Listen to one of the tracks, Αἵμων:

1. Πολυνείκης
2. Ἀντιγόνη
3. Αἵμων
4. Εὐρυδίκη

2xLP and CD will be released through: Bleak Recordings (PT), GPS Prod (CH), GRAINS OF SAND RECORDS (RU), HALO OF FLIES(US), Lost Pilgrims Records (FR), Wolves And Vibrancy Records (DE),Division Records (CH), Dullest Records (US), Longlegslongarms (JP), and Unquiet Records (PL).

Stream and download all of the Unquiet Records releases. Bandcamp.