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The Gentle Art of Cooking People – o [LP+CD]


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Psychedelic post-rock by The Gentle Art of Cooking People


It is our pleasure to present the debut album by the eclectic and intense psychedelic post-rock collective from Kraków, Poland.
Until recently they were a live band exclusively, playing several shows around Poland, promoting others, getting involved with the psychedelic/post-rock/metal scene. Due to a tightly-knit relationship with the experimental metal band Ketha, their reach also extended to other genres and fans
Now they managed to capture the hallucination-inducing and psychoactive energy on a debut album, titled simply “o”.
0, null, nemo. The absence of ego. This is the main theme of the album. It is by no means a dark album. The album is filled to the brim with positive curiosity and wit. It’s crazy weird though.

Four heavy psych rock trips into four different parts of unreality, 12 inch vinyl packed in sweet’n’nice gatefold (audio compact disc for new technology enthusiasts included). To be experienced through psychoactive speakers only.

Limited to 300 copies

cover art by Waldek Borowski

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